The Multipassionate Creator Digital Workbook

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This is a product for my past self.

The aspiring creator that didn't know how to show up online because she:

  • didn't how to "niche down"
  • didn't know which platform to focus on
  • didn't know how to make her never-ending interests intersect online 

She didn't know how to make the online world work for her —being the multi passionate that she is— instead of against her.

After a year of experimentation, I've made 10K+ with freelancing, membership services, and consultation without selling my soul. It's fun to create online. Being a multipassionate creator, I was able to quit my nursing job to keep pursuing my true interests like writing, making videos, and creating digital products like this one.

In this digital workbook, I summarized the most critical questions and most challenging activities I did in the past year. They helped me past my mindset struggles and keep showing up online. 

There are way too many guides, courses and eBooks there are focused on "this is the only way to succeed online", when in reality, that's not the case. 

What worked for others won't work for you.

The goal of this digital workbook is to figure out what works for you. To get to know why you're doing and to feel confident in the topics, platforms and whatever way that you pick. 

It's the piece that most courses (I've taken 10+ online courses btw) are missing because most instructors jumps to strategy. It's (hopefully) the digital workbook that will help you keep shipping even though that course you signed up for ended.

Here's what you'll get:

The digital workbook for multipassionate creators has 5 parts:

  • Showing up your way to help you figure out your driving force for creating
  • Tapping into your uniqueness so you can see your interests as features, and not bugs 
  • Owning your interests and using your experiences to fill your content idea bucket
  • Picking the digital playground that works for you
  • Creating your way that includes a Content Mindmap of how to create content online

Bonus part: a mini lesson on how to monetize as a multipassionate creator. 

I hope you find one thing useful in this workbook.

Reminder: due to the nature of this product, this product will be non-refundable. Happy to answer any question before you buy your product!

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The Multipassionate Creator Digital Workbook

2 ratings
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